Pro-Vision – Verve Arts Festival 2020

Verve Arts Festival 

Virtual Arts Exhibition

About the exhibition.

Having a provision shop just right below your house, is probably one of the most convenient things on earth! Imagine running out of rice at home, you can just simply head down to the provision shop and grab a stack of rice! A trip to the provision shop is always interesting because of the wide range of goods– from sweets to cold drinks, sundry items and canned food, to newspapers and even toys. Provision shops practically sell everything ranging from ice cream to fresh fruits and vegetables to laundry products. It holds many fond memories, as well as a special place in the heart of Singaporeans who grew up in the 1960s to the mid 1980s

Unlike supermarkets or convenience stores, provision shop owners built up good relationships with their customers, often by giving credits, a practice that some traditional provision shops still observe today, or home delivery services.

Now, enter a portal to your inner memories, and evoke the sense of nostalgia of heritage and fondness inside you. This virtual exhibition features a 3D walkthrough of 2 convenience stores in Singapore that have been operating for over 70 years! Click to travel through the portals and experience the world of the provision shops!

Exhibition Portals

Rahim Grocery Traders (since 1952)

No. 8, Upper Dickson Road, S207468

Pin Pin Piau Kay & Co. (since 1939)

 Blk 71, Seng Poh Road, #01-33, S160071

Why are Provision shops


Singapore’s provision shops remain essential and an enduring part of the cityscape’s heritage. Provision shops are not just where transactions happen. Its nature as a community-driven store is more relevant than ever in our hyperconnected world where we are so connected to each other, but at the same time, disconnected from our reality.



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