Neighbourhood Folktales – Verve Arts Festival 2020

An interactive multimedia exhibition 

Tap on the various neighbourhoods in Singapore and view their neighbourhood stories and pictures. This allows an identity to be formed in the multiple neighbourhoods (“Kampong Spirit “) and people from other districts to get to know each other. Click the button below to view the exhibitor scroll down for some previews!

About my

Read some neighbourhood stories.


By Sarajane

The most significant part of my neighbourhood is the nearby market. I used to go there with my grandmother or mother when I was younger to get groceries. The most memorable memory when living here is probably living nearby the park as it is so convenient to take a stroll especially when you need a break from work.

Choa Chu Kang

By Jolene (18)

I think the field near to where I live is the most significant part of my neighbourhood. It used to be a huge empty field with pathways around the field but now there are construction ongoing to build new HDB Flats. Many people including youths and even elderly who live in this neighborhood likes to have a stroll or run along the pathways. There used to be groups of people playing on the field as well. I used to spend some time looking out of the windows to see people playing there whenever I wanted to take a break from work. However, when COVID 19 came, I was no longer able to see people playing there. Personally for me, I like to run along the pathways whenever I feel stress or wanted to exercise. It always makes me feel better after a run there as the area is generally quite quiet and I like the greenery there. During the circuit breaker, there were more people who did their exercise here too and so I believe that there are many others who like this part of the neighborhood as much as I do too.

Tiong Bahru

By Jewel

My neighbourhood is very culturally diverse! If you take a stroll around Tiong Bahru you will see a variety of people – from the Chinese elderly who have been living here for decades to even the Caucasian and Japanese people who are living in the apartments. Everyone is able to enjoy the rich heritage we have here as an old estate. We also have a very caring community, where sometimes people would place good pre-loved that they do not need any more outside in the corridors for people take and use! Being able to spend time with my friends and family by having a nice afternoon tea at the many cafes and eateries around Tiong Bahru !


By Phyllis (18)

The most significant part to me would be the area around my house! The area holds many stores like 7-11, hawker stalls and also Chong Pang Market. This area is also where I spent my childhood, with my late grandma and other family members.

My most memorable memory would be going to the nearby temple when I was in kindergarten. My late grandma was a volunteer there and she always brought me there to pass time with her. I also learnt more about my religion (and made friends with other children) while I was there.

Ang Mo Kio

By Ellyn (18)

The most significant part of my neighbourhood to me is Teck Ghee park right beside my house is the most significant part of my neighbourhood to me. Before Covid-19 had hit, My mom, sister and I would go to the park to stroll almost every weekend after dinner. It was a time for us to talk and bond with one another and it was like a runaway for me. Of course, having a park right next to my house motivated me to make use of the place to exercise as well HAHA


By Irish 

Every wednesday in primary school, my friends and I would have to stay back for Chinese remedial. Our class was quite small so most of us would usually spend our break together! There were a lot of playgrounds around our school so each week we would go to a different playround to hang out before class. Eventually the playground in the middle of the blocks across our school became our favourite. We would bring snacks, a big bottle of pepsi and styrofoam cups every week! We would play games like blind mice or this app on our phones (i cant remember the name) and lose track of time. We definitely got scolded for being late often :’) I don’t really talk to most of them anymore, but we still follow each other on Instagram! Those were definitely some of my favourite days in primary school

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