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Whether it’s having the perseverance to pursue something you really believe in or having the grit inside you to work around your situation to survive, everyone is tenacious in their daily lives. With all the unknowns we face today, Verve 2020 aims to examine how our own community has coped and to showcase our everyday artistic expression of living, learning and having hope for the future.

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What is ACID about?

Entitled A.C.I.D, this event is solely created by Year 2 students of Arts Business Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, highlighting Arts Celebration in Diversity (ACID). A dynamic youth-based celebration of the arts, this event fuses of both performing and visual arts, in- corporating dance, music, theatre, art exhibitions, workshops and a flea market. Aiming to create a festival-esque art experience for the masses, this event aims to focus on rediscovering, re-inventing and re- experiencing multi disciplines of art. We hope to for audiences to find a new-found respect for the lesser regarded art forms.

Chairpersons of Verve 2011:

Samantha Yap (Chair), Sarah Arumugam (Co-chair)

Why Cross Roads?

As a literal interpretation of “the place where roads intersect”, Crossroads will be the underlying thread through the programmes of the festival.  It is intended for Verve 2012 to be a centre of activity: a meeting point for artists and their audience to communicate, where art intersects with people’s lives. Within the programmes in Verve, each artist presents their own creative interpretation of “crossroads” and what it means to them.

Chairpersons of Verve 2012:

Carissa Tan (Chair), Sherry Yeu (Co-chair)

What is ‘The Art of Play’ about?

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

Play, in its essence, is a reflection of one’s self. We invest and surrender ourselves while playing, exercising the mind, body and spirit.

Verve 2013 examines art as a form of play and an act of interaction. Through recreating intimate encounters between individuals, we hope to promote art as a medium for discovery among artists and audience. Our audience will gain insights on how art forms such as music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts allow us to play through a myriad of engaging activities. Get ready to witness an abundance of energy as we begin our explorations with Play!

Chairpersons of Verve 2013:

Esther Chew (Chair), Clara Lee (Co-chair)

What is ‘The Best of Times’ about?

Inspired by the iconic literary quote from A Tale of Two Cities, this year’s theme can be interpreted in various ways through diverse mediums to showcase the most significant moments of the artist’s life, world or Singapore history. The theme can also promote community bonding as audiences may be reminded of the momentous episodes in their lives and share them with one another.

Chairpersons of Verve 2014:

Alyson Lee (Chair), Boo Jiun Yi (Co-chair)

What is Kaleidoscope’ about?

This year, the theme of Kaleidoscope aims to highlight diversity, understanding and new perspectives.

Much like the coloured fragments of a kaleidoscope that fall together in different combinations to create spectacular formations, artists work together to develop a local viewpoint of the arts. Similarly, in the 5th edition of Verve, artists of diverse backgrounds come together to showcase the myriad of perspectives in our artistic world. Come join us and add another piece to our kaleidoscope!

Message from the Verve Chair.

“The scale of Verve grows in magnitude each year, and for every cohort of ABM students, it signifies the completion of a unique rite of passage.” 

– Lee Wei Ting, 2015 Verve Chairperson

Chairpersons of Verve 2015:

Lee Wei Ting (Chair), Daphne Low (Co-chair)

What is ‘Strings’ about?

For our 6th edition, Verve is rebranding itself as a community arts festival. The festival’s theme, Strings, is inspired by the way strings can be tied together to form strong connections. Verve will be presenting various performance and workshops aimed at providing intergenerational mingling amongst the community while also ensuring a high level of skill amongst the artists.

Chairpersons of Verve 2016:

Michelle Chia (Chair), Raven Ngoh (Co-chair)

What is ‘Converge’ about?

Our theme, Converge, aims to give the community an opportunity to discover their common interests through artistic means, such as dance, music, theatre and visual art forms, that will be used to anchor various workshops, walk-in galleries and performances.

Verve is a platform for people from different walks of life to come together and connect with one another through shared experiences.

Chairpersons of Verve 2017:

Chloe Leong (Chair), Kelly Ong (Co-chair)

What is ‘Rasa Sayang’ abot?

Our theme ‘Rasa Sayang: Feeling the Love’ derives from two Ma- lay words ‘Sayang,’ a term of endearment towards your loved ones be it family and/or friends and ‘Rasa’ meaning taste. Verve 2018 portrays love both in its good and bad. Many associate love with its romantic nature. However, this year’s edition of Verve aims to discover the love that is present everywhere, among our family and friends. When you love someone, we give them our all. We leave a part of ourselves with them and that is how we create a community. Verve believes love should not be bounded by our physical time here and those we love will always live on, through our memories and actions. Rasa Sayang, feel the love for your people.

Chairpersons of Verve 2018:

Amy Fitzgerald (Chair), Pearlyn Tay (Co-chair)

What is ‘Throwback 659’ about?

With the theme: Throwback 659, the team has transformed BBECC into a lively festival, celebrating the growth and development of the neighbourhood. The numbers “659” signify the postal code of Bukit Batok East. The attendees can expect to relive their childhood and communal experiences through the programmes, workshops, fringe activities, exhibitions and galleries offered at Verve this year.

Chairpersons of Verve 2019: 

Haimuel Wong-Asri (Chair) , Seo Qiao Ting (Co-chair)


Get to know the team!

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Year 2 Arts Business Management Students

We are currently Year 2 Arts Business Management students in Ngee Ann Poly!2

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Energetic and Full of Passion

We are a bunch of energetic and passionate students, driven to enhance the community one step at a time through Verve!

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Ready to make a difference

We want people to experience and participate in community arts like never before. Going Virtual has got nothing on us!

Verve Throwback

Verve has come a long way since it’s first ever edition in 2010. Click on the video below to catch a little Verve throwback!

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We would like to thank Lee Foundation for their support, without which this festival would not have been possible.


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