Pilots Ep 1 – Verve Arts Festival 2020


"Side Hustles"

Get to know artists with a side hustle! Featuring Kelvin Chow, a web designer and dancer, as well as Jana Neo, a musician and marketing manager! Watch them share about their TENACITY during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they balance their lives being an artist and their other jobs.

Side Hustles

Side Hustle: Video

Side Hustle: Podcast Version

Jana Ann Neo is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. She has been performing live since she was 14 years old. Jana posted online covers and started getting opportunities with charity performances before moving onto paid gigs. Even though Jana would love to be a full time artist, she is doing a marketing job now after graduating from university not too long ago.

Do check out her amazing covers such as Put Your Records On and 2002 on her YouTube channel here!

Kelvin Chow is a dancer, choreographer and a dance educator. He is a freelance instructor under EV Dance where he goes to schools to teach enrichment classes or CCA programmes. Other than being a dance instructor, he is also a freelance web designer which stemmed from what he learnt in his Polytechnic years and it is also something he enjoys doing. 

Do check out some of his awesome dance videos on his Instagram accounts! 

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